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This category features all of our Beautiful Wedding shoes.

Every bride deserves to have a beautiful, unique wedding shoe :-)

Follow these steps to choose your perfect Wedding shoe:

Step1: Choose your wedding shoe
Step2: Choose your Colour
Step3: Choose your decoration

Make it yours !

We offer two main shoe categories:

Designer leather handmade wedding shoes

Our designer leather handmade wedding shoes are made locally in South Africa and the focus is on quality, style and comfort. Our Wedding Shoes have a comfortable heel that gives you posture without the pain! With its soft leather inner and memory foam in the base they are often described as “slippers”!
• Colour perfect upper in Satin / Leather / PU
• A Leather inner (regardless of the outer) to give your feet that luxury feel.

Dyeable Satin Wedding Shoes

From Bling and Bold to understated and classic! Our Satin Wedding Shoe range opens up the imagination to the possibilities of complementing your dress and your style. We have 3 basic styles in kitten, medium and high heels. Each pair can be customized with our shoe accessories to make a unique wedding shoe.

We also offer a range of 120 colours via our in-house professional shoe-dye service.

What is in a Shoe?

What is in a Shoe. Quality Construction, Colour Perfect, Comfortable, Sturdy Heel with perfect Balance. Handmade Decorations making it - the Perfect Wedding Shoe!
What is in a Shoe?

All of our wedding shoes feature:
• Quality and solid construction.
• Strong Comfortable heel – perfectly balanced to prevent that “wobbly” feeling
• Copious amounts of memory foam inner – so that can dance the night away!
• Handmade embellishments to choose from, in order to have a unique shoe
• Fabric and Colour options

Wedding Shoe Decorations

If you can’t find the perfect wedding shoes – don’t worry! Use our Wedding Shoe Dressing service and we can turn any shoe into a unique one-of-a-kind Designer Bridal shoe that is absolutely perfect!

You can customize your shoe with any of our decorations (see Shoe Decoration Gallery). We Love to create original handcrafted embellishments that define our style and sets us apart.

We welcome all challenges/requests, so please send us a mail to chat about your one-and-only shoe.

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