Wedding Garters

Beautiful Wedding Garters | by LilyBlue

Originally Designed Beautiful Wedding Garters by LilyBlue.

This category features all of our own Garter designs that are made locally in South Africa from the finest lace.

Custom made Options:

We have a fantastic range of handmade Garters. Please send us your choice of colour, and size and we will happily make it up for you :-). Our Garters are made with stretch lace so they are comfy and sit secure on your leg.

Wedding Garter Hints and Tips:

Wedding Garters - by LilyBlue Wedding Garters - by LilyBlue

Hint1: When throwing the Garter, ask the Bridegroom to swap it with a plain one in his pocket – and keep the Fabulous LilyBlue one for yourself!

Hint2: Let’s face it, Synthetic Garters are just nasty! Rather go for a Garter that is made out of soft stretch lace.

Hint3: If there is any lace left over rom your wedding gown – you can bring us a small piece and we can incorporate it into the Garter Design

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