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Beautiful Wedding Earrings | by LilyBlue

Originally Designed and handmade Designer Wedding Earrings by LilyBlue.   This category features all of our own designs that are made locally in South Africa.

Coco Chanel once said: “Fashion fades, only Style remains the same” This quote from Coco Chanel embodies our whole philosophy towards the perfect earring. It can be understated or Bold and Fabulous, but the result should always be Elegant!

We know you will enjoy these beautiful wedding earrings!

Custom Made Earrings | by LilyBlue

There is a large collection of styles to choose from, but if you want something custom-made, just contact us and we can make something unique and special just for you.

We offer Chandelier Earrings, Pearl earrings, Chain earrings and we can match any colour scheme you want. You can also choose from smaller pearl earrings as Bridemaids gifts – or something special for the occasion for your Mother / Mother in law.

Wedding Earrings Hints and Tips:

Wedding Earrings - by LilyBlue Wedding Earrings - by LilyBLue

Tip1: Did you know that there will likely be more wedding photo close-up headshots than your wedding dress?  For this reason it is worth investing in a pair of amazing wedding earrings that will make a statement and complete your look.

Tip2: Remember that this is your wedding day where you are the centre of attention. Choose an earring that reflects your personality, but at the same time something stunning or classic that will be unique and set your look apart from the guests. (The last thing you want is for a guest to wear the same pair of earrings !) :-)

Tip3: Give a pair of beautiful earrings to your Bridesmaid as a Gift. It will remind them about the day every time they wear it (just like a friendship bracelet). Giving your bridesmaids matching earrings ensures that your Bridesmaids all have the same style in all of your wedding photos. It really does make a Big Difference to your wedding photos as it styles your Bridesmaids to have a matching look. Even, (and much more importantly) your bridesmaids would not overshadow your own fabulous bridal earrings. Or worse – arrive with earrings that do not fit the mood or your wedding theme at all !

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