Wedding Dress Sashes

Wedding Dress Sashes | by LilyBlue

Originally Designed and handmade Wedding Dress Sashes by LilyBlue.

Oh WOW! – the Ultimate in LilyBlue Dress Accessories! Use our unique handmade LilyBlue designer pieces to create a subtle, but essential focal point to take your Gown to the next level. Ask us how..

Wedding Dress Sash Hints and Tips:

Dress Sashes - by LilyBlue Wedding Dress Sashes | by LilyBlue

Tip1: Colour matters.  For an Ivory or off-white wedding dress,  choose a ‘softer’ coloured sash with pearls or hints of Rose-gold. For a white dress, metallic or platinum sashes work well – with lots of sparkle!

Tip2: Match your accessories. Once you have your wedding dress, ask us to match your Wedding Dress Sash in the same style of the wedding dress beading and lace. We can also make a matching Hair Accessory and Wedding Earrings for you. Add a lace or beaded wedding bracelet to match your look.  We can custom make your Wedding Dress Sash for you – just send us a Pic of your dress :-)

Tip3: If you think your wedding dress needs ‘something more’ – it probably does!. Send us a Pic and we will send you our ideas to help.

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