Wedding Bracelets

Wedding Bracelets | by LilyBlue

This category features all of our own wedding bracelet designs that are handmade locally in South Africa. We have a stunning range of wedding bracelets with new designs to perfect your look.

We know you will enjoy these beautiful wedding bracelets!

Wedding Bracelet Hints and Tips:

Wedding Bracelets - by LilyBlue Wedding Bracelets | by LilyBlue

Tip1: When you do your styled wedding photographs, it is sometimes a bit difficult to know what to do with your hands. If you add a wedding bracelet you create additional interest and a focal point at the correct place to complete your look.

Tip2: A Wedding bracelet is a fantastic gift on the day from your husband to be.  It creates interest on your arm (which is also useful to show off your wedding ring again and again..). Spread the gift idea via your bridesmaid to the best man – and send them to LilyBlue ;-)

Tip3: Your Wedding bracelet can be worn for long after the wedding at special events. It will be a beautiful reminder of your wedding day every time you wear it.

Tip4:  Give a wedding bracelet (and maybe a pair of bridesmaid earrings) as your Bridesmaid Gift. It will remind them about your friendship every time they wear it (just like a friendship bracelet). Giving your bridesmaids matching bracelets ensures that your Bridesmaids all have the same style (and colour themes) in all of your wedding photos. It really does make a Big Difference to your wedding photos as it styles your Bridesmaids to have a matching look.

Tip5: Don’t let your Mom and Mother-in-Law feel left out.  A handmade item always makes a great Gift.

Custom Bracelet Options

If you Love our Wedding Bracelets, but you want to add or take away a string or two, or change the colours, please let us know. All our products are handmade and we can alter to suit your style.

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