Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Bouquets | by LilyBlue

Originally Designed Jewellery Wedding Bouquets by LilyBlue.

Bold and unique, a LilyBlue Jewellery Wedding Bouquet is something very different to the ordinary…

It is spectacular if made with thoughtfulness and time. We include feathers or colours to match your theme, authentic jewellery pieces.

Wedding Bouquet Hints and Tips:

Jewellery Wedding Bouquets | by LilyBlue Jewellery Wedding Bouquets - by LilyBlue

Tip1: Ask the venue to place a sturdy vase next to your wedding cake and you can use the Jewellery Bouquet at the reception for extra impact as a table decoration.

Tip2: Add a brooch from your Mom / Gran for “Something Old” – or add your “Something Blue”.

Tip3: Tell us about your theme and your colour scheme and we can keep to your look and feel.

Custom Made Options

If you always had a thing for elephants / aeroplanes / cars / etc. – don’t worry – we can source it for you :-)

A Jewellery bouquet takes lots of thought and care to get it perfect, so we will talk to you about the project and make sure your bouquet is unique and special.

What Size do I need?

Our most popular sizes are Small and Medium.  If you want to go ‘All Out’ with your Bouquet – order a Large Wedding Bouquet one to make a spectacular statement!

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