I-Do-Me-Too-Stickers for your Wedding Shoes | by LilyBlue

Buy a set of diamante I-Do-Me-Too-Stickers and add some Fun to your wedding shoes!

How to Apply?

Attach the I-do-Me-Too-Stickers to the bottom of your Wedding Shoes and add a matching ‘Me Too’ stickers for your Groom-to-be.
(They are sold as a set so you will receive “I Do” and “Me Too” stickers )

I-Do-Me-Too-Stickers | by LilyBlue I-Do-Me-Too-Stickers | by LilyBlue

The diamante letters are pre-shaped on the stickers so you do not need to worry about the shape.  Carefully remove the film on the sticky side of the diamante letters.

Next you can carefully place the letters on the bottom of your shoe (closest to the heel so that you don’t walk on them. Remember to choose the Right-side up ;-)

That’s It – remember to take a photo of your shoes !

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