Heel Protectors

Heel Protectors for Shoes | by LilyBlue

Heel Protectors will protect your High Heels from damage while walking on Decking, Grass and Gravel. They also cushion your tread. Heel Protectors are ideal for Weddings, Races, Polo matches or anywhere where your heels might get damaged or dirty.

This is a must-have product for every Occasion.

How do Heel Protectors Work?

The product fits snugly on the heels of your shoes without damaging them due to the soft upper latex tube. At the same time, the heel is supported by a harder bottom area to cope with the harsh surfaces. This provides a larger surface area for your heels that will stop you from sinking into the gaps in decking. It also makes it much easier to walk on your heels due to the softer padding.  You will fee an immediate difference!

What Size do I need?

Simply measure the widest part of the tip of your heel. Our Heel Protectors Come in 3 Sizes :

  • Extra-Small:  Fits Heels 5-7mm
  • Small: Fits Heels 9-12mm
  • Medium: Fits Heels 12-15mm

Heel Protectors Hints and Tips:

Heel Protectors | by LilyBlue Heel Protectors | by LilyBlue

Tip1: Keep a pair in your clutch bag for those unforeseen moments when you are faced with harsh terrain. Then simply slip them on and you can take them off again after crossing the challenging surface (no need to take off your shoes…)

Tip2: If you have an outdoor wedding, why not buy a whole lot for the bridal party?  You can hand them out as little gifts before your guests approach the harsh terrain for some added protection.

Discounts Available on Large Orders

Ask us for a quote and we can give you a discount.

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