Wedding Tips

Wedding Tips | by LilyBlue

This page has our best advise and wedding tips for your wedding day. We have lots to share and hope you enjoy this section for inspiration and ideas 🙂

Wedding Tips – Shoes:

What is in a Shoe. Quality Construction, Colour Perfect, Comfortable, Sturdy Heel with perfect Balance. Handmade Decorations making it - the Perfect Wedding Shoe!

1. Comfort

The first and most important aspect of wedding shoes is comfort. Rather spend a bit of extra time and have your feet measured. Everyones feet are unique and you may be a shoe size larger or smaller than the norm. If that is the case – shoose a style that can accommodate half sizes.

2. Colour

Traditionally, Wedding shoes are expected to be the same colour as your wedding dress. Take a small piece of your fabric with you to your shoe-fitting to compare the colours. Dyed Shoes with bold colours are also acceptable and look beautiful on photos. Your colour choose is dependent on your theme and also the vision you want to create. Tip: Ask for a small dyed test strip to confirm the colour of the shoe.

3. Timing

Remember to buy or order your shoes in time.  You will need your shoes at your dress fitting to adjust the length of your dress. To find the perfect wedding shoe might be much more time consuming than what you would expect.

4. Shoe Decorations

Consider to decorate your shoe with a special shoe dressing to make them a unique pair. Anything is possible!

5. Budget

Remember to make provision for a quality pair of shoes that you can wear again after the wedding. Satin shoes can be dyed black and leather shoes always look good and matches with anything.

6. Surface

Take the surface of the venue into consideration. If you are going to be walking on grass, invest in a pair of Heel Protectors.  These silicone based products will protect your heels from dirt and they will also give you extra support.

7. Posture 

Even though flat shoes are comfortable, it does make a very big difference on your posture and how your dress looks. Even a small kitten-heel will make an immediate difference to your posture.

8. Fantastic Feeling

How do you feel with your new shoes on? You must feel fantastic when you wear them! a Good, comfortable, beautiful pair of shoes is a must for every Bride!

Wedding Tips – Hair Accessories

Perfect Wedding Accessories | by LilyBlue

1. Close-Up Photos

Did you know that there will likely be more wedding photo close-ups of your look than your wedding dress?  For this reason it is worth taking some time to find the hair accessory that will complete your look.

2. Perfect Fit

Did you know that our LilyBlue Hair Accessories come with some added small ‘loops’ at the back to help your Hair Stylist to pin your hair accessory securely just the way you want it.

3. Comb or Not?

You do not necessarily need a comb to fit a hairpiece.  Ask us and we can replace a comb with some added ‘loops’. Many of our hairpieces are designed to be flexible which allows you to choose any style and the piece will adjust to your style.

Wedding Tips – Dress Sashes

Dress Sashes - by LilyBlue

1. Colour matters

Colour maters. For an Ivory or off-white wedding dress,  choose a ‘softer’ coloured sash with pearls or hints of Rose-gold. For a white dress, metallic or platinum sashes work well – with lots of sparkle!

2. Match your accessories

Once you have your wedding dress, ask us to match your Wedding Dress Sash in the same style of the wedding dress beading and lace. We can also make a matching Hair Accessory and Wedding Earrings for you.

3. Does it need ‘something’ more?

If you think your wedding dress needs ‘something more’ – it probably does! Send us a Pic and we will send you our ideas to help.

Wedding Tips – Earrings

Wedding Earrings - by LilyBLue

1. Close-Up Photos

Did you know that there will likely be more wedding photo close-up headshots than your wedding dress?  For this reason it is worth investing in a pair of amazing wedding earrings that will make a statement and complete your look.

2. Be Unique

Remember that this is your wedding day where you are the centre of attention. Choose an earring that reflects your personality, but at the same time something stunning or classic that will be unique and set your look apart from the guests. (The last thing you want is for a guest to wear the same pair of earrings !) 🙂

3. Bridesmaid Gifts

Give a pair of beautiful earrings to your Bridesmaid as a Gift. It will remind them about the day every time they wear it (just like a friendship bracelet). Giving your bridesmaids matching earrings ensures that your Bridesmaids all have the same style in all of your wedding photos. It really does make a Big Difference to your wedding photos as it styles your Bridesmaids to have a matching look. Even, (and much more importantly) your bridesmaids would not overshadow your own fabulous bridal earrings. Or worse – arrive with earrings that do not fit the mood or your wedding theme at all !

Wedding Tips – Bracelets


1. Photographs

When you do your styled wedding photographs, it is sometimes a bit difficult to know what to do with your hands. If you add a wedding bracelet you create additional interest and a focal point at the correct place to complete your look.

2. Make it a Wedding Gift from your partner

A Wedding bracelet is a fantastic gift on the day from your partner to be.  It creates interest on your arm (which is also useful to show off your wedding ring again and again..). Spread the gift idea via your bridesmaid to the best man – and send them to LilyBlue 😉

3. Bridesmaid Gift

Give a wedding bracelet (and maybe a pair of bridesmaid earrings) as your Bridesmaid Gift. It will remind them about your friendship every time they wear it (just like a friendship bracelet). Giving your bridesmaids matching bracelets ensures that your Bridesmaids all have the same style (and colour themes) in all of your wedding photos. It really does make a Big Difference to your wedding photos as it styles your Bridesmaids to have a matching look.

4. Mom and Mother-in-Law

Don;t let your Mom and Mother-in-Law feel left out.  A handmade item always makes a great Gift.

Wedding Tips – Bouquets

Bridal Bouquets - by LilyBlue

1. Table Decoration

Ask the venue to place a sturdy vase next to your wedding cake and you can use the Jewellery Bouquet at the reception for extra impact as a table decoration.

2. ‘Something Old’ or ‘Something Blue’

Add a brooch from your Mom / Gran for “Something Old” – or add your “Something Blue”.

3. Colours and Theme

 Tell us about your theme and your colour scheme and we can keep to your look and feel.

Wedding Tips – Garters

Wedding Garters - by LilyBlue

1. ‘The Switch’

When throwing the Garter, ask the Bridegroom to swap it with a plain one in his pocket – and keep the Fabulous LilyBlue one for yourself!

2. Keep to lace

Let’s face it, Synthetic Garters are just nasty! Rather go for a Garter that is made out of soft stretch lace.

3. Match your Dress

If there is any lace left over rom your wedding gown – you can bring us a small piece and we can incorporate it into the Garter Design

Wedding Tips – Parasols

Wedding Parasols | by LilyBlue

1. Photos

A Parasol makes for a fantastic ‘prop’ for your wedding photographs. It adds a load of authenticity and glamour to your theme.

2. Sun or Shade?

A Parasol will protect you from the sun at outdoor weddings.  More importantly – you won’t have a flushed look after your wedding photo shoot 😉

Wedding Tips – Heel Protectors

Heel Protectors | by LilyBlue

1. Keep them Close

Keep a pair in your clutch bag for those unforeseen moments when you are faced with harsh terrain. Then simply slip them on and you can take them off again after crossing the challenging surface (no need to take off your shoes…)

2. Party Up

If you have an outdoor wedding, why not buy a whole lot for the bridal party?  You can hand them out as little gifts before your guests approach the harsh terrain for some added protection.

That’s it!  We hope you enjoyed our Wedding tips and that you have some added inspiration 🙂