Bridal Studio (the making of…)

Our Pride and Joy – The LilyBlue Bridal Shop

The LilyBlue Bridal Studio is a reflection of our vision.  It is our Pride, Our Inspiration and also the culmination of our Journey to be the leading Wedding Accessory Bridal Shop in the World.

The History

On 3 July 2015, we gained occupation of our new 100sqm property at No5, Canal Edge3, Tyger Waterfront, Bellville, Cape Town. We were faced with a corporate structure; hideous looking ceilings; 5 Telesales boxes and hundreds of meters of Data Cables.  The floor had a typical grey ugly office carpeting .

Before and After Pictures:

Wall, Offices, Doors and ugly Electrical cabling were demolished and removed; Carpets were lifted and Tiles removed. The Stage was set for making pretty…

LilyBlue Bridal Shop - Breaking Ground LilyBlue Bridal Shop - Entrance

LilyBlue Bridal Shop - Breaking Ground LilyBlue Bridal Shop - Consulting

The Inspiration

We wanted to create a special place that reflected our vision of what a Bridal Shop should be.  We aimed to create a magical feeling and environment that is dedicated to the bride – a one and only magical bridal experience .  In this space, there is positive creative energy, Designers with passion and ideas and a place where you can take inspiration for your wedding day. This unique space was created with Love, Lots of Sweat – but no tears 🙂

After Pictures

After just 30 Days, the Majority of the renovation was completed.  For the pressed ceilings we used our own creative energy. We have to thank some service providers like our Electrician Frans that did a real labor of Love and Dad that is a DIY master with custom made wooden skirtings, duco machines and the 10 000 blobs of glue to keep those ceiling tiles stuck….Thank You.

Below is a Gallery of how it looks today:


Hope you enjoyed this section of our Website.  Come and Visit our Bridal Studio if you are close to Tyger Valley in Bellville, Cape Town 🙂