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From us to you 🙂 This section is a collection of our LilyBlue Galleries, Wedding Tips and Service Providers to give you added inspiration for your wedding.

Real Brides

Visit our Real Bride Gallery Page for styling ideas and wedding accessories.

Wedding Styling - by LilyBlue Wedding Inspiration | Stunning Real Brides by LilyBlue

Wedding Tips

We also offer you our Wedding Tips based on our past experience on what works and what does not work.

Wedding Service Providers

Browse our Wedding Service Providers page if you are looking for trusted service providers.

The LilyBlue Bridal Studio (The Making of…)

LilyBlue Bridal Shop - Breaking Ground LilyBlue Bridal Shop - Entrance

The LilyBlue Bridal Studio is a reflection of our vision.  It is our Pride, Our Inspiration and also the culmination of our Journey to be the leading Wedding Accessory Bridal Shop in the World. See the Bridal Studio (The Making Of…) Page for more…